Cambridge City Council has ruled out introducing a series of rush-hour road closures or imposing a congestion zone scheme as part of its efforts to tackle congestion in the city and surrounding area.

Following more than 10,000 responses from the public to Greater Cambridge City Deal’s eight point congestion busting plan published last year, there is little support for such measures.

However, Cambridge City Council said it would now look at whether introduction of a Clean Air Zone in the city would be an effective way to tackle air pollution.

Cambridge City councilor Lewis Herbert, said: “A city-wide congestion charge for people travelling in, and for residents, is not proposed for very similar reasons. Too many individual and business journeys would be unnecessarily affected and it will unduly hurt low income city and South Cambridgeshire residents.

“Instead, officer proposals add two targeted measures to reduce vehicles entering central Cambridge and increase bus reliability. First, local interventions in the most congested areas of central Cambridge and second, a potential Clean Air Zone option to cut vehicle air pollution.”