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With a privatised Royal Mail around the corner, parcel carriers will no doubt be wondering how they can compete with the carrier that services the majority of the C2C parcels market. But a new report by market analyst Apex Insight has highlighted one area that carriers should be working  improving to make themselves more competitive: C2C deliveries.

Although, historically, most carriers chose not to target the consumer market as it lacked the volume required to maintain a sustainable business model, Apex Insight believes that the market has started to become more attractive with the rise of eBay and Amazon. Over the last couple of years, initiatives such as parcel shops and broker websites, which offer parcel products at cheaper rates for C2C customers, have grown and analysts have found that customers are moving away from Royal Mail as it may no longer be the cheapest option for C2C carriers, due to price increases.

With the potential privatisation looming on the horizon, and with time for other carriers to take on customers that have switched from Royal Mail, analysts believe that the time for carriers to improve their C2C offering is now.