“Challenging.” That seems to the euphemistic description for the tough economic times in which we find ourselves. Capital budgets are being cut to the bone – and then trimmed some more.

That’s where our series of free buyers’ guides on Commercialmotor.com will come in handy. We aim to cut a route through the purchasing jungle to find the shortest path to the wisest buys. From AdBlue to yard counterbalance trucks, throughout the year we will look at buying the products and services that underpin your business.

But not all purchasing decisions are routine. When was the last time you set out to buy a vehicle wash? Or a fuel storage installation? How do you find a trusted source of legal advice when the Traffic Commissioner decides to call your company to a public inquiry? And how much should you expect to pay for their words of wisdom?

Commercialmotor.com’s buyers’ guides not about brands. We do not aim to conclude that brand X is better than brand Y. That choice is too heavily influenced by factors such as individual circumstances, local suppliers, business relationships and, of course, prices quoted on the day.

There is no commercial influence or bias, nor are we prepared to dodge the issue. Where appropriate and whenever possible we aim to quote realistic market prices and we will not hesitate to pass comment on value for money or apparent shortcomings.

There will be a regular flow of guides throughout the year. The first topics to be tackled over the coming month or so include:

By Joycellyn Akuffo