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Truck makers and the automotive parts aftermarket need to stop the infighting and embrace the idea that coexistence and collaboration can result in a stronger industry for everyone, according to Imex.

The truck parts distributor said the relationship between vehicle manufacturers and the parts aftermarket had often been fraught with tension and competition, but it was time to recognise that both sides play a role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the UK economy.

Imex consultant Arthur Pinkney said customers choose aftermarket parts for a range of “compelling” reasons, including price, convenience, a more personalised service, as well as the additional services being offered on accessories, tools, diagnostics and trailer parts.

“It is essential to recognise that both vehicle manufacturers and the parts aftermarket contribute significantly to the success of the road haulage industry,” he said.

“Instead of viewing each other as competitors, a spirit of cooperation can bring forth numerous benefits.”

Pinkney listed these as a strengthened supply chain, improved affordability for operators and end consumers, increased vehicle demand and market growth.

“The industry’s growth and resilience rely on cooperation and mutual respect between all stakeholders,” he added.

“By working together, vehicle manufacturers and parts aftermarket suppliers can contribute to a more efficient and competitive road haulage sector, benefitting everyone, from businesses to consumers, and ultimately driving the growth of the UK economy.”