Bullet Express has invested in Smart Telematics from Navman Wireless to help promote efficient and safe driver behaviour across its fleet of 36 vehicles after a trial of various systems.

David McCutcheon, managing director of Bullet Express, says: “We saw great improvements in the driver’s performance over the two week trial; the system helped them improve in all areas and we saw our drivers achieve the 85 per cent performance standard we had set.”

Bullet Express has also included Navman Wireless’ MNav 760, an integrated navigation terminal and training aid, that reports real-time performance statistics to the driver. McCutcheon believes this ‘trainer in the cab’ can help drivers continuously self-evaluate their performance and deliver significant savings.

Bullet Express also chose Smart Telematics to help with reducing fuel consumption and also to help with minimising the company’s impact on the environment.

Steve Blackburn, Navman Wireless European vice president, adds: “We are delighted to be working with Bullet Express, their commitment to improving driver performance sets a great example and we are looking forward to developing our relationship with them over the coming years.”