DBL logistics

More operators have reacted to the chancellor’s Budget this afternoon (20 March), with both DBL Logistics and parcel firm APC Overnight supporting George Osborne’s decision to scrap the planned fuel duty rise.

Sheffield-based haulage company DBL Logistics, which estimates that it uses around 50,000 litres of fuel per quarter, said the duty rise would have cost a further £1,500 per quarter if it had gone ahead.

MD David Clarkson said: “The scrapping of the fuel duty increase is good news for businesses such as ours. The price of fuel continues to increase and any additional cost on top of this would have severely hampered our long-term plans.”

APC Overnight finance director Mark Fletcher was also supportive of the fuel duty freeze, saying that increasing prices to accommodate cost rises “is often not an option”.

Fletcher said: “Today’s announcement will have a significant impact on all businesses operating within the transport and logistics sectors, by allowing them to maintain pricing structures.

“Delivery company margins have been under pressure for a number of years, largely due to rising fuel costs and this will be a boost to the industry.”