A tyre monitoring app developed by Bridgestone UK  that enables users to compare the performance of different tyre brands is being rolled out across other European markets.

The Challenge app works by calculating the true cost of tyres over time and shares the performance data with all other users, before providing performance comparisons against competitors’ tyres.

Deployed in 2012, the technology has revolutionised Bridgestone’s sales process and is now regarded as a strategic tool, after being created by RNF Digital.

Bridgestone’s product and marketing manager Andy Mathias said: “The application that we developed in the UK is now being used across Europe and is even being trialed in North and South America.”

Users can wirelessly synchronise their device with a centralised server, whereupon the sales representative’s data is uploaded.

At the same time, data captured by other representatives is downloaded to the device. The application then has at its disposal a significant body of globally sourced data, from which highly dependable statistics can be derived.

By sharing data in this manner it effectively creates a ‘crowd sourcing’ experience, where users are mutually benefiting from data being collated from various locations across the globe.

The app also provides Bridgestone with a wealth of previously unobtainable management information, not only in terms of how their own tyres are performing, but also how they are performing against their competitors.

The app has been shortlisted in the Innovation category of the Motor Transport Awards, which take place on 3 July.