BS Truck Point 02

Tyre manufacturer Bridgestone assisted more than 35,000 stranded operators at the roadside in 2015 through its roadside assistance network.

Bridgestone Partner, made up of a network of tyre dealers, also reduced its average response time by four minutes to 62 minutes between the first phone call and a partner arriving on the scene.

It said the average time it then took to get the commercial vehicle operator back on the road was 51 minutes, meaning customers were generally back on the road in under two hours.

Paul Sheehan, Bridgestone national operations manager, said: “I am very proud of the roadside breakdown response times we can offer as a network.

“Despite a 22% increase in the volume of work during 2015 as we take on the management of more and more fleets, the Bridgestone Partner network has managed to improve on the breakdown response times by four minutes versus an already impressive number in 2014.”