Road safety organisation Brake has urged firms to implement a zero-tolerance approach to at-work drink and drug driving, after a survey suggested fewer than half would dismiss an employee for driving when over the legal alcohol limit.

The survey, carried out by Brake and driving compliance consultancy Licence Bureau, suggested that more than half of firms never test their employees for alcohol or drug use.

It also showed only 44% would dismiss an employee found driving over the legal limit for drink and that only 30% would dismiss a member of staff for having any amount of alcohol or illegal drugs in their system.  Fewer than half (47%) educate their drivers on the risks of drug driving and only 50% educate them about the risks of drink driving, added Brake.

“It is desperately worrying that so many employers are lacking the tough approach needed to tackle drink and drug driving at work,” said Brake research and information officer, Laura Woods. “We’re appealing to all employers with staff who drive for work to ensure their drivers know the risks, know the rules, and know that breaking the rules will not be tolerated.”

Brake’s survey follows recent research by medical products and services supplier Synergy Health in which over 36% of transport firms admitted they didn’t have enough knowledge or training to identify if a worker was under the influence of drugs.