BP Fuel Card customers can now automatically offset all or part of their fleet emissions in a new partnership with BP Target Neutral - a not-for-profit carbon reduction and offset team.

The new fuel card feature enables fleet managers to compensate for every tonne of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) their fleet produces by contributing to carbon mitigation projects throughout the world via the purchase of carbon credits.

Drivers use their existing BP Fuel Card as normal and a set Target Neutral fee, linked to the fleet volume of fuel being offset, is included in monthly invoicing. Fleet managers then receive a certificate highlighting the amount of CO2e offset along with a number of resources that allow them to communicate their efforts with customers and stakeholders.

Head of BP Fuel Cards, Naftali Gefen, said “We know carbon reduction is an important issue for fleet operators and that’s why we’ve introduced a simple, flexible and scalable way to offset the emissions.”

BP Target Neutral is designed to support renewable energy and resource conservation projects all over the world. These include:

Deforestation mitigation and development project in Africa, which preserves forests resources

  • Treadle pumps for irrigation in India, which replace diesel power
  • Wind farm in Turkey which also protects grazing land for farmers

To find out more, visit www.bpplus.co.uk/targetneutral