BOC frostcruise

Bulk gas supplier BOC is exhibiting its Frostcruise cryogenic truck and trailer refrigeration system, which it claims can chill a trailer in less than half the time of a mechanical system, at this week’s Multimodal show.

The system, developed by BOC and its parent The Linde Group, uses liquid nitrogen at -196°C to chill the vehicle's load area using a heat exchanger. BOC claims it can reduce air temperature from ambient to 2°C within eight minutes and can maintain a constant temperature even in multi-drop operations.

Debuted earlier this month,  the Frostcruise system is certified by the Noise Abatement Society and operates at 56dB, making it suitable for out-of-hours deliveries in urban areas where noise is often limited to 60-65 dB. It is also not reliant on a driver keeping the engine running, unlike mechanical refrigeration systems.

BOC claims the system has zero particulate, NOx and CO2 emissions at point of delivery, and can have a 64% reduction in total carbon footprint compared with an equivalent diesel-powered  refrigeration system.

BOC director of bulk and packaged gas, Nathan Palmer, said: "We are delighted to be offering Frostcruise to the UK and Ireland chilled transport market. BOC is committed to helping our customers minimise their environmental footprint and this new quiet, greener technology is an excellent way of minimising the impact of our customers' store deliveries."

Visit the BOC stand (1142) at Multimodal, which is currently taking place the Birmingham NEC until Thursday (30 April).