Actros 1843 - Blakemore Logistics (2)

Blakemore Logistics, a subsidiary of AF Blakemore Group, has welcomed a series of Mercedes-Benz trucks to its fleet for the first time, following a successful 12 month trial with an Actros tractor unit.

The operator, which serves more than 1,000 Spar stores across England and Wales, has already put five 4x2 Actros tractor units into operation at its Hastings depot, and is awaiting delivery of four refrigerated 18-tonne Antos rigids.

Blakemore’s distribution general manager David Higgs, who is responsible for the group’s fleet of around 300, said that he invited Mercedes to take part in the 12 month trial after he’d heard good things about its Euro-6 performance.

He said: “It did particularly well. At just under 11 MPG the truck was competitive in terms of diesel consumption, and used significantly less AdBlue than its competitors.

“It was also totally reliable and well received by our drivers. Our tractors deliver to some very tight locations which is why, as well as standard 13.6m trailers, they also pull shorter, urban versions with 10.6m and even 8.1m lengths – the fact that those who used it also found the Actros to be highly manoeuvrable was therefore another big ‘plus point’.”

Biggs praised the service and support from Mercedes-Benz dealership Midlands Truck & Van, and added that he had “high hopes” for the future of the newly established relationship.