The British International Freight Association (BIFA) is launching a campaign to encourage its members to work with schools to promote careers in logistics, forwarding and the supply chain.

During September, as schools begin the new academic year, BIFA members will be sent information packs with ideas on how to promote their business and the industry as a career option to the next generation.

BIFA aims to help smaller companies that are unsure as to how to approach local schools and other educational establishments in their locality.

Carl Hobbis, executive director and training development manager, says: “Industry promotion is one of BIFA’s key roles and part of that is encouraging logistics as a career path. We see career guidance via school events as being key to that.”

Hobbis adds: “Since the Brexit vote and the onset of the Covid pandemic, global supply chains have been in the news more than ever, so what a great time to encourage someone to consider a career in international freight sector that manages those supply chains.

“Apprenticeships are certainly something that a lot of students are considering, rather than taking on the debt associated with a degree, and we are reminding members that there is a specific apprenticeship standard for International Freight Forwarding, that BIFA was instrumental in establishing.

“Many of our members are doing some fantastic things already, but we, as a trade association need to do more. This literature is just the start and provides a framework to support members, and help them to attract the next generation to the freight forwarding and logistics industry.”