Bidvest Logistics has signed a lease with Prologis on a 116,000ft² space in Prologis Cabot Park in Avonmouth, Bristol. The company already occupies the space with the new lease securing the continuity of its supply chain and protecting employees’ jobs.

Bidvest Logistics UK MD Shaun Foley said: “Prologis Cabot Park is an ideal location for many of our customers and we are delighted that we have been able to guarantee our future at Avonmouth.

“The building gives us the capacity to develop our operations and it represents a significant investment in the continuing success of our business.”

Andrew Griffiths, MD of Prologis UK said: “We are delighted that Bidvest Logistics has chosen to stay in the building and that we have been able to agree a new lease so that the company can continue its operations without any disruption.”

Employee consultations are currently underway at Bidvest, following 80 employees from its Hoddeson, Hertforshire depot, voting in favour of strike action over a pay dispute.

The union the employees belong to, GMB, said Bidvest workers are paid “significantly more” at a range of the company’s other locations.

Foley said: ““We are aware of planned strike action at our Hoddeson depot and are consulting with employees and GMB in order to find the best solution moving forward.

“Our salaries are benchmarked for the area and we are committed to providing a safe and fair working environment for all,” he added.”

A date for the strike action is yet to be confirmed.