Bibby tanker

Bibby Distribution has spent £1.2m on 18 new tankers for its food ingredients logistics operation.

The Van Hool-manufactured tankers will be used to deliver glucose and starch to a range of confectionary brands, but Bibby said its own technical team had designed the trailers to be flexible for future operations.

Equipped with both heating coils and refrigeration units, the tankers can carry up to 34,000 litres.

They also feature thicker barrel walls on their lower third for additional sturdiness and durability, which Bibby said is a unique to the market.

Gayle Daubney, general manager, tankers,  at Bibby Distribution, said: “When we looked to take on new tankers, we wanted to make sure that what we got was the latest technology with the highest levels of flexibility and performance.

“Our custom specification means that not only can we serve our existing customers, but also transport almost any liquid food product across the country, quickly, safely and economically.”

The vehicles replace older models on Bibby’s 200-strong tanker fleet.