Stan Robinson says VOSA's new MoT test fee structure, which will make it financially more attractive for hauliers to use private test facilities, has "not gone far enough".

The organisation confirmed that from 1 April, HGV annual test fees at authorised testing facilities (ATFs) and designated premises (DPs) will go down, while those at its official test stations will increase.

Currently, the cost of testing a two axle truck at every test centre is £95.

However, from the start of April, the fee to test this this type of lorry at an ATF or DP will drop to £93, while the payment at a VOSA site will rise to £98.

The haulage boss, who runs an MoT test centre at his site near Stafford, says: "It's a step in the right direction but it's still not that much cheaper to go to one of the private centres."

At the moment, it costs £57 to test a two axle trailer at all sites.

However, from the beginning of April, while the price will fall to £56 at DPs and ATFs, it will go up to £59 at official VOSA centres.

VOSA says that for the third year running there are no general price increases for operators.