ATE UK is exhibiting at the Freight in the City Expo for the first time this year, where it will showcase its full range of Wheel Sentry products.

Wheel Sentry, says ATE, is the only combined wheel nut indicator and retainer system on the market and has been well received across a number of sectors, including the commercial vehicle industry.

The range is available to any on-road vehicle on a commercial fleet. Suitable for both retrofitting and fitting to new vehicles, Wheel Sentry comes in kit form and can be fitted through most main service providers.

Visitors to Freight in the City Expo will have the chance to take a look at the Wheel Sentry Reflector, which allows cyclists to notice and avoid turning vehicles faster.

Product Specialist Ross Bradshaw said: “Wheel Sentry is a unique product because it is the only wheel nut indicator and retainer system in the marketplace that will fit any HGV, Van or towable plant consistently.”