High street retail giant Argos has improved its carrying capacity with 19 multi-deck boxvan longer semi-trailers from Staffordshire manufacturer Don-Bur

The 15.65m long, 4.88m high step-frame trailers replace standard 13.6m long multi-deck boxvan trailers on the fleet, increasing internal volume by 20.4m³ to 142.75m³.

Argos, which is part of the Home Retail Group, can fit 60 standard 1200 x 1000mm pallets on the trailers, compared to 50 with the outgoing trailers - allowing it to move the same amount of goods in five trips rather than six.

Richard Owens, Don-Bur’s group marketing manager, said that ordinarily, the extra length would allow only eight additional pallets, taking the overall total to 58. “To achieve 60 pallets, Don-Bur used 7.5mm thick side panels, using a lightweight and durable composite panel that provides sufficient clearance for an extra-width lifting deck platform (2.42m), enabling all pallets to be loaded with the longest edges across the width of the trailer,” he said.

David Landy, fleet engineer at Argos, said: “Argos continually strives to work with suppliers to provide new and exciting technology. Don-Bur has offered us a unique solution which could significantly lower our operational trunking costs and further reduce our impact on the environment.”

Argos already runs 19 curtainsided multi-deck longer semi-trailers. Its fleet consists of 18 rigids, 420 tractors and 992 trailers.