A 12-tonne Eurocargo in the Fraikin fleet has been fitted with a kinetic energy recovery system (Kers), which the rental provider has described as a major step forward in urban truck operations.

The Kers technology, which has been showcased in Formula 1 and featured in a number of semi-trailer applications to date, was installed by Alternatech.

Alternatech worked alongside hybrid technology firm Adgero and Skeleton Technologies to get the vehicle on the road.

The Kers system works by harnessing the energy created under braking.

This energy is stored in a set of ultracapacitors then used to provide acceleration assistance via an electric motor fitted to the prop shaft.

It is primarily designed for multi-drop urban distribution or refuse collection, as the more the brakes are used, the more power is created.

Skeleton Technologies CEO Taavi Madiberk said: “The partnership with Fraikin highlights the significant impact utilising regenerative braking technology and energy storage can have.

"This is an important first step in realising essential efficiencies for the industry and we look forward to seeing further advances in this field.”

During initial testing, the Kers system offered a claimed 32% fuel saving when compared to a standard vehicle of the same type. Nitrogen oxide emissions were cut by half and CO2 emissions by 30%.