25th May 2010ACS&T Logistics, Wolverhampton.

Temperature-controlled operator ACS&T has said that making its operation and facilities some of the “best in the business” led to improvement in  profit last year.

Pre-tax profit was £1.1m in 2013, from £651,000 in 2012. Turnover for the year ended December 2013 was £20.5m, flat on 2012’s £20.47m.

MD Malcolm Johnstone said the Grimsby-based firm had made considerable capital investment during the year in IT, property and its fleet – all made using cash reserves rather than loans. It was “an indication of the strength of our balance sheet and aims to ensure long-term profitable growth”, he said.

Johnstone said 2014 would see the introduction of a nationwide pallet distribution network (Less Than Truckload), alongside a full, multi-user, kerbside delivery network that will handle consignments as small as a single case and charged proportionally. A new cold store facility is also in the pipeline.

“We operate in a consumer-driven market, which means we have to be capable of adapting to the ever-evolving requirements of current and prospective customers. This involves regularly identifying potential gaps in the market and expanding our service offering accordingly,” said Johnstone.

Subsequently ACS&T renewed a multi-million-pound contract with foodservice wholesaler Bidvest 3663, with potential for it to run until 2022.

The deal will see the continuation of a national consolidation scheme, which both parties have operated since 1994, allowing 130 of Bidvest 3663’s suppliers to access ACS&T’s shared-user platform.

In addition, Bidvest suppliers and customers can use ACS&T’s network operations, such as direct and less-than-truckload deliveries, as well as inter-depot stock movements.