Abbey Logistics is seeking backload partners for its rapidly expanding general palletised freight division.

“We’ve got a lot of volume going out in the north-west now across the whole of the UK, and where we’ve struggled is trying to get quality backloads from areas like London, the south-west and Scotland,” Abbey managing director Steve Granite told MT.

Since its launch in March 2010, following the acquisition of a small eight-truck, 15 trailer pallet operation, Abbey’s palletised freight division has now expanded to running 55 trucks and 100 trailers.

Granite is looking for partner operators able to provide quality backloads from the south and Scotland, in return for being able to provide loads for hauliers delivering into the north-west.

“I think you have to seek out partnerships, because the margins are so tight, particularly on the general haulage side, that if you haven’t got to go somewhere, don’t go, if someone else is going. We’re all in the same boat, I’m sure. If I’m struggling for London backloads, there will be London hauliers struggling for loads from the north-west.”

He added: “Somewhere along the line, it’s probably easier for one of us to give up the journey and still make a better margin.”