FairFuel (UK) and the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) have teamed up to legally challenge the Mayor of London’s decision to increase the congestion charge after a lawyer served him with a pre-action protocol letter.

Howard Cox, FFUK founder, described Sadiq Khan as a “modern day Dick Turpin” and that he should have taxed other sources of pollution than drivers in the Capital.

In June, Black Antelope Law director Shaheen Mamum said he had put Khan on notice of a legal challenge and that the mayor had failed to engage in a formal consultation that was adequate and fair.

Mamum said he had received support from business groups who wanted to pursue action against the mayor and FFUK and the ABD have now announced they will support the move.

Khan wants to increase the congestion charge to £15 per day and extend the operating hours from 7am to 10pm every day.

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Cox said: “He only consults with his supportive stakeholders behind so called ‘exceptional circumstances’ to hit motorists unnecessarily and even harder in the pocket.

“He encourages us to drive during the Covid crisis, then with no supportive evidence to do so, he plucks a number, out of nowhere, to massively hike the C-Charge.

“And without any proof, he also increases the charging period to cover weekends, plus extending his additional cash grab through to 10pm every day.

“This modern day Dick Turpin, a debt-ridden anti-driver political opportunist, has divided the capital with his recurrent ‘pay to congest and pollute’ policies.”

Paul Biggs, ABD director said: “Enough is enough. The financial ‘Khanage’ in London inflicted by the 30% C-Charge increase. extended to seven days, at a time of great economic hardship for many people, the country and our capital must be challenged.”

A recent survey carried out by FFUK found 87.1% of HGV drivers support legal action against the mayor.