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The 2021 Zemo Partnership Annual Conference - its first since the transition from LowCVP - will be held online on Tuesday 20 July.

Following last year's successful event, Zemo Partnership will use the latest in digital conferencing technology, to maximise the opportunities for interactivity, information sharing and networking.

This year, Zemo Partnership’s annual conference is held in association with Net Zero Week taking place between 17 - 23 July.

Net Zero Week is a government and industry-backed national awareness week; a focal point for generating awareness and much needed momentum for businesses and consumers.

The conference theme

Following the government's petrol/diesel phase-out announcement, the strengthening of 2035 greenhouse gas emissions-reduction targets and the publication of the long-awaited transport decarbonisation plan, the conference will examine whether the plan includes actions that will enable the UK to deliver the medium and long-term targets and what this transition will mean for road users and other stakeholders.

Contributors will be invited to offer ideas on the challenges to the successful delivery of the plan and actionable proposals for removing barriers to their achievement.

Conference key questions will include:

  • Can the transport decarbonisation plan set UK on a trajectory to zero transport emissions?
  • What are the key barriers to achievement of the plan’s provisions and how can these be removed?
  • What do the transport changes to come mean for individuals and groups of road users?
  • What are the likely solutions to the challenges (hear from some leading proponents)?
  • What will Zemo Partnership be doing to accelerate progress?

Make sure to check out the conference website today to see the full list of sessions and speakers confirmed and to register for your free place to attend.