Wincanton is relying on magnetic propulsion technology at its W² Innovation Centre in Northamptonshire to help it move towards net zero operations.

The Magway bulk material handling system enables control over the horizontal and vertical movement of loads up to 250kg and Wincanton is installing the technology at its Rockingham hub.

It said the system operates at less than 20% of the energy and operating costs of traditional systems and produces zero emissions.

Paul Durkin, chief customer and innovation officer at Wincanton, said: “We are delighted to welcome Magway and its cutting-edge magnetic propulsion technology to our Innovation Centre.

“Innovation is at the heart of everything we do for our customers and we are committed to collaborating with global innovators like Magway to advance emerging technology and sustainability in supply chain and logistics.”

Phill Davies, Magway chief executive, said each year over 100 billion tonnes of bulk materials are transported using traditional conveyors and trucks: “In order to achieve net zero, businesses need to innovate in their supply chain processes and embrace new technologies,” he said.

“Our system offers a compelling alternative, providing unparalleled efficiency and sustainability.”

Wincanton Magway

Wincanton Magway