WH Bowker has opted for additional nearside windows to be fitted to 12 new Volvo FM 330 6x2 rigids joining its fleet to boost road safety for vulnerable road users.

The Lancashire-based firm said the enhanced direct vision for drivers on the vehicle’s nearside, as well as redesigned mirror housings on the latest FMs, would help reduce blind spots.

Director Bill Bowker added: “Volvo’s reputation for producing a safe vehicle continues to be paramount in our decision to operate a single make fleet. Our drivers take part in training to help their awareness of vulnerable road users, particularly when delivering to, or transiting the urban environment. We are supporters of Clocs and the company is Fors Silver accredited.”

The 12 Globetrotter-cabbed rigids will join 13 new FH 500 tractor units on WH Bowker’s 120-strong all-Volvo fleet. The latter are equipped as standard with AEBS, Forward Collision Warning and Lane Keeping System.

Bowker said: ”The Volvo system is specified over and above the legislated standard as it includes a radar function and a head up warning display for the driver that not all other manufacturers can offer. In my opinion, this manifests and supports Volvo’s position as the manufacturer whose core values revolve around safety for drivers and other road users.”

All 25 new trucks were supplied by Thomas Hardie Commercials in Preston.