Volvo FH LNG

Volvo Trucks’ gas-powered artic and rigid trucks will be available from spring 2018, the manufacturer has revealed.

The FH (pictured) and FM LNG trucks, designed for long-haul operations, will be available with 420hp or 460hp engines.

Volvo claimed the models offered the same fuel consumption and performance as its diesel trucks but with 20% to 100% lower emissions (CM 28 September).

The manufacturer has begun working with gas suppliers to develop the LNG infrastructure across Europe.

Lars Mårtensson, director of environment and innovation at Volvo Trucks, said: “Natural gas offers clear climate upsides, it is competitively priced in many countries and there are sufficient reserves to justify large-scale use.

"Our focus on LNG vehicles is creating new prerequisites for our customers to run fuel- and cost-efficient operations. At the same time, we’re making it possible for HGV operations to considerably reduce their climate impact.”