Volvo Concept Truck

Volvo Concept Truck

Volvo claims its liquefied natural gas (LNG) FH and FM trucks are up to 25% more fuel efficient than conventional spark plug engines.

The new trucks are fuelled by more than 90% LNG plus a small amount of diesel as an ignition fuel, which the manufacturer refers to as a ‘liquid spark plug’.

At an event revealing Volvo Trucks’ vision for the future, the manufacturer said: “You get the same efficiency, performance and robustness as a diesel engine, and that’s important.

“We have 15% to 25% better [fuel] efficiency compared with the spark plug engines. Performance-wise, you have similar driveability to the Volvo diesel engines. The longer you drive, the better the payback. The more you drive, the better commercial opportunity.”

MT understands more details on the new trucks will be revealed some time next month.

Volvo Trucks also displayed its concept diesel-electric hybrid vehicle (pictured) at the event at the Slovakia Ring.

The vehicle’s hybrid powertrain generates and stores energy when the truck travels down a hill or brakes. This energy then powers the truck on flats or low gradients.

The aerodynamic design also features cameras replacing mirrors, skirts covering tyres and a boat tail trailer.