Volta Trucks has teamed up with Clipper Logistics and London property owner The Crown Estate to bring zero-carbon deliveries to Regent Street retailers.

The fully-electric Volta Zero is a major part of The Crown Estate’s delivery consolidation scheme for its West End customers, as part of its commitment to reducing emissions.

Launching as a trial in the summer, the Volta truck will provide distribution work between a consolidation centre situated outside the congestion charge zone and shop stores.

The Volta Zero’s 8.6-tonne payload also removes several smaller 3.5-tonne vans from the streets, which helps reduce traffic congestion.

Clipper Logistics has been involved with the Regent Street delivery scheme since 2008: “As a business, we recognise we are high mileage road users, but we are committed to reducing unnecessary road miles, and ensuring that what we do accumulate is cleaner,” explained Mick Doe, Clipper’s transport operations director.

“The partnership demonstrates Clipper’s agility and logistics ability by working to combat congestion and environmental impact in one of the world’s busiest retail areas.”