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The scale of the worldwide Covid-19 vaccine programme has resulted in UPS hiring more than 100,000 seasonal workers to undertake the transport and distribution of healthcare products.

The scaling up of its healthcare logistics is revealed in analysis of job postings by data company GlobalData, which found that UPS’ hiring in the second half of 2020 accounted for over 70% of all healthcare jobs advertised.

The company will play a key role in the handling and distribution of coronavirus vaccines, in addition to other deliveries.

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GlobalData also found that UPS was increasing hiring in Europe and Asia, as well as in North America and is strengthening its healthcare-dedicated warehouses and distribution networks by building new facilities in the UK, Hungary and China.

Ajay Thalluri, GlobalData analyst, said: “UPS already has about 5,500 healthcare logistics professionals and the company is hiring more.

“UPS Premier service enables the monitoring of products such as Covid-19 vaccines through technology-enabled priority handling, visibility, and distribution.

“The company uses specialised inventory management and temperature-controlled packaging and shipping facilities for critical healthcare products.”