The UK’s first open access Bio-LNG filling station, a blend of liquefied natural gas  and liquid biomethane, opened today (23 May) in Daventry.

The site, which is operated by alternative fuels firm Gasrec, will operate in the similar way as a traditional petrol station and is capable of storing enough Bio-LNG to fill 700 LGVs, with five refuelling lanes and 10 pumps.

The filling station is located at the Daventry Interrnational Rail Freight Terminal in Northamptonshire and has the capacity to fuel up to 250 trucks per day.

A spokeswoman revealed that three of a planned eight sites are expected to be operational by this time next year, with the remaining sites expected to be opened by the end of 2015.

The planned network will be located near motorway junctions, allowing 85% of operators to reach at least one location within four hours’ drive.

Transport minister Norman Baker, who opened the site today, said: “This represents a significant step towards achieving carbon and air quality benefits and I am very pleased that demonstration fleets from the government’s low carbon truck demonstration trial will be refuelling from this site.”

The site was opened following plans to extend the number of alternative fuelling sites around Europe, put forward by the European Commission earlier this year.