A new report from the Home Office has suggested theft was the biggest crime suffered by commercial transport and logistics premises during 2012.

The report, which presents detailed findings from the 2012 Commercial Victimisation Survey, looks at crime against businesses in manufacturing, wholesale and retail, transport and storage, and accommodation and food.

It takes into account such crimes as burglary, vandalism, vehicle-related theft, robbery, assault, and fraud.

According to the report, a total of 324,000 crimes were recorded against the transport and storage sector in the 12-month period. Theft came out as the biggest crime suffered by transport and storage premises (118,000 incidents), followed by assaults and threats (73,000), fraud (46,000), vandalism (32,000) and vehicle-related theft (28,000).

Burglary (17,000) and robbery (9,000) were the least frequently recorded crimes.

While the 324,000 crimes suffered by transport and storage sector premises were far lower in total than those experienced by accommodation and food (985,000), and wholesale and retail (7.7 million) sectors, they were substantially more than those in manufacturing  (164,000) during the year.

Transport and storage premises also accounted for 42% of total recorded vehicle-related theft across the four sectors (which includes both thefts of and thefts from vehicles).

Just more than 500 incidents of vehicle-related theft occurred per thousand transport and storage premises during the year, compared to 20 in accommodation and food, 68 in manufacturing and 71 in wholesale and retail.