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The Pallet Network (TPN) has signed Slough-based new-to-networks operator KPI Transport.

KPI came into new ownership in June 2020 and director Ray Burke said TPN membership is key to expanding its fleet, customer base and range of services.

Traditionally KPI has consolidated loads into Ireland, as well as offering general haulage, ADR and international transport. It also offers warehousing and storage facilities.

Its TPN operation goes live on the 17 August.

“Being part of a pallet network can give us new clients and a diversified range of services,” said Burke. “We chose TPN because its membership offer was the best and I think it will be the best path for us to grow the business.

“The other networks we interviewed were more concerned with what they wanted than what we needed. However TPN could provide what we needed to grow.”

Added TPN MD Mark Duggan: “We are very pleased to welcome KPI to the network. KPI is not alone in noticing that TPN prioritised the member’s needs as a business. Our business model is predicated on making our members successful. If individual Members thrive, we thrive as a network.

“This is an auspicious time to be joining TPN because we’ve got exciting developments planned. We’re in a time of growth and evolution for the whole network.”

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Burke said TPN’s enhanced international distribution service, TPN XPort, will give KPI greater flexibility over how it conducts its international work in the future.

“We are currently busy working with the TPN team to get the operation ready to go live,” he said. “We are very pleased with how it’s going so far.”

TPN's on-boarding service is designed to set new members up for success from day one. The TPN team aims to ensure that all systems, protocols, training and marketing support is in place and they work alongside staff on the ground until they are comfortable with the new service.

TPN celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, and hit its projection of 20,000 pallets a night. Its hub (pictured), which is capable of loading/unloading 40 trailers simultaneously, has been extended to now handle another 17 trailers an hour.

“We have a highly analytical hub strategy which stays ahead of volume growth so that our service standards never slip,” Duggan said. “This includes moving to artificial intelligence to manage hub movements. Other networks still use the old matrix-driven models, but we are discovering whole new levels of efficiency.

“We are constantly evolving to ensure that we provide the best commercial and operational environment for our members.”