Tip-Tank Ex 15-04

Andrew Jones MP, the new transport minister with responsibility for freight and logistics, says his key priority for the future is delivery of the strategic road infrastructure programme.

The new parliamentary under secretary of state for transport, to give him his official title, was visiting the Tip-ex and Tank-ex exhibitions in Harrogate last week, spending over two hours chatting to delegates and exhibitors to learn about the industry.

He explained to Motortransport.co.uk that he has three main priorities – delivery on road investment, bus regulation and the infrastructure relating to the Northern Powerhouse.

“The key one is road infrastructure,” he told us. “There is going to be a lot of work on our roads adding lanes and resurfacing. We’ll need to be prepared for a few jams while we get it sorted out, but the benefits to the freight sector will be huge once it’s complete.”