The RHA has called for the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) to be scrapped in its London mayoral election manifesto.

The association labelled the scheme, which was introduced in the early 1980s, “an onerous bureaucracy which results in reduced efficiency in truck operations and increased mileage and pollution”.

It added that the scheme has “long outlived its usefulness and should be scrapped” by the next mayor.

“The desire to control and reduce truck operations is at a new high, and growing,” the manifesto reads.

The association also criticised calls for a rush hour HGV ban in the city, championed by Liberal Democrats candidate Caroline Pidgeon.

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “Haulage operators provide work for tens of thousands of Londoners. That's why it's vital that the mayor and other London politicians work with us and not against us. A London lorry rush hour ban would be a knee-jerk and counter-productive move - as would trying to replace larger vehicles with many more smaller ones.”

The RHA calls for the mayor to allow HGVs to use bus lanes during periods of congestion, suggesting this would create “significant carbon reduction”. It also wants cyclists who do not use dedicated bicycle lanes where possible to be penalised.

Burnett said: “I know that some will be surprised by our call for penalties for cyclists who don't use cycle lanes where provided and also by our call for the repeal of the LLCS.

“London will only continue to prosper and improve if we all work together and accept that all road users have a role to play."