Moves to encourage out-of-hours deliveries in London, aimed at cutting congestion, have been slated by safety campaigners who warn they could lead to more cyclists’ deaths.

Road safety campaign SteerSafe said this week that any move to night-time deliveries should be accompanied by a mandatory requirement for hauliers to install 360-degree camera systems on their trucks.

The call came after TfL launched a campaign to retime deliveries to shops, pubs, hotels and restaurants during off-peak hours to cut congestion.

SteerSafe founder Chris Hanson-Abbott said: “Moving deliveries to off-peak hours throws up a host of safety issues. The point is that blind spots exist at any hour of the day or night and at night people are less visible and drivers can be less alert, and audible warning systems are switched off.”

He added: “I would like to see the mandatory fitting of 360-degree camera systems. These give drivers a view all around the vehicle via a single glance at a screen in the cab. That’s the only way to eliminate all blind spots.”

FTA head of policy for London Natalie Chapman said: “London is a 24/7 city with an increasing population. That is driving greater demand for goods and services and London is struggling to accommodate that need in daylight hours and so other options have to be explored.

“We are not arguing for all deliveries to be switched to
night time. The aim is to ease
peak traffic, particularly in the morning rush, which is so dangerous for vulnerable road users, by spreading those traffic levels throughout the day and night.”