Recycling and waste management firm Powerday has put into operation a pair of Volvo FE Electric skiploaders, two of the first to hit London’s streets.

The FE Electrics – which will be used to service customers in the capital and the South East – are predicted to save the business more than 30 tonnes in CO2 emissions per year and follow a successful trial of the vehicles.

Powerday chief executive Edward Crossan said: “In line with our net-zero roadmap, adopting these electric skiploaders into our fleet shows our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to cleaner air and environment in London.

“By investing in electric skiploaders, we lead the charge towards cleaner, greener solutions.”

Equipped with four batteries, each FE Electric provides a range of approximately 190km and can be recharged in just over two hours using a 150kW DC charger at Powerday’s Willesden Junction site.