Paragaon is offering three smarter mapping options that enable transport planners to make vehicle routing and scheduling as precise as possible in dense, urban logistics operations.

Street Level Mapping, Average Road Speed Data and Truck Attribute Data all provide planners with a highly detailed picture of the road network, allowing for the faster creation of more accurate and realistic plans, which Paragon said can reduce mileage and fuel costs as well as improve the accuracy of delivery times.

“When producing a transport plan, customers want to get as close as possible to reality,” said William Salter, MD, Paragon Software Systems. “Detailed data including the average road speeds attainable on a specific route, or weight, height, width and length data overlaid on a map, all help the planner to quickly and easily build feasible routes with more accurate arrival times, resulting in happier customers and drivers alike.”

Paragon Street Level Mapping includes all residential streets and minor roads, as well as turning restrictions, such as no left or right turn. Schedules can be planned to the nearest second and metre. The company said the software is ideal for improving routing and optimising schedules in dense urban transport operations, such as those found in the home delivery sector.

Average Road Speed Data improves the precision of routing and scheduling with a truer reflection of real travel times. It provides a calculated average speed in each direction on all road links for which there is sufficient speed data, based on analysis of billions of road speed observations.

Paragon Truck Attribute Data can help prevent detours and reduce mileage by taking into account height, weight, width and length restrictions, including the calculation of plans that avoid low bridges when using high vehicles.

The routing firm said its customers using these services have found that the number of vehicles can be reduced while still making the same number of deliveries, driver shifts per day are decreased, and hours on duty can be reduced. “By reducing mileage and providing more accurate plans, drivers find that the transport plans created with these modules are much more achievable, and allow them to more readily meet their customer service goals,” added Salter.

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