Welch Group reached a significant milestone this week in its drive to help create a collaborative charging network for HGVs across the UK, when Voltloader, an electric bulk haulage firm, used the company’s electric HGV charging infrastructure for the first time to enable it to complete a critical delivery.

The collaboration underscores both companies’ dedication to supporting the transition to electric vehicles across the logistics sector, with Voltloader’s use of Welch Group’s charging infrastructure highlighting the benefits of sharing resources and using cooperative strategies to help drive the transition to zero-emission transportation.

Bertie Steggles, Voltloader head of operations, said: “Charging here at Welch’s marks our first collaborative charge. As an all-electric haulage business, having a shared network of high-powered chargers is crucial.

”This collaboration, along with our mission of opening more of our own shared charging sites, supports each other and the broader rollout of electric vehicles across the UK.


”Currently, public charge points often lack the capacity or suitable locations for heavy goods vehicles, making such partnerships vital for extending range and efficiency and providing a reliable service to our customers.”

Chris Welch, Welch Group MD, added: “We are thrilled to support Voltloader in this groundbreaking initiative. Our advanced HGV charging facilities meet the high demands of modern electric transport, and this successful operation underscores the potential for electric HGVs to revolutionize logistics.

”We look forward to further opportunities to work with innovative companies like Voltloader and drive the electrification of the supply chain.”