BOC has invested in its partnership with Suttons Tankers and introduced 10 new pintle trailers to the haulier’s gas cylinders fleet.

Suttons said the trailers would benefit drivers on the contract and contribute to the safe and efficient delivery of BOC products.

Designed by Tiger Trailers, Suttons said they featured better positioning of the ADR marker boards which removed the risk of them snagging on the service lines.

The headboard marker lights have also been repositioned, removing the mirror’s reflection.

There is a new storage solution on the centre aisle gate as well, so straps are not required for securing the gate when not in use, and it also removes the need to lift and twist the gate when removing and placing in the storage position.

BOC owns the pintle trailers but Suttons will operate and maintain them.

Nigel Hughes, head of fuels at Suttons Tankers, said: “The safety of our drivers at Suttons is always at the forefront of our decisions. That’s why we took feedback from our driver workforce and worked with BOC and Tiger Trailers on rolling out these new and improved safety features.

“With the new trailers coming into the operation, Suttons looks forward to supporting the drivers on the BOC contract to continue to deliver this essential product in the safest possible manner.”