RH Environmental will be hoping to make some noise – though not too much – when it arrives at the Freight in the City Spring Summit in Birmingham next month.

It will be displaying its Noise App technology, which it hopes hauliers and delivery firms will use to foster better relationships with neighbours and city residents and businesses.

Free to download, the Noise App helps the user record instances of noise nuisance on their phone, record a diary of recordings to prove long-term effects and allow the user to report the incidents to local authorities or enforcement agencies.

“The app is transforming how noise problems can be reported and resolved,” said Michael Fennessy, sales & support at RH Environmental. “By cutting the significant costs associated with following up noise complaints, it is being widely adopted in the UK.

He added: "For businesses operating in noise-sensitive inner city environments, the app improves community engagement and helps resolve complaints quickly and efficiently.

"Because it is hassle free, with no expensive or specialist equipment needed, it is popular with residents and the professionals investigating noise problems.”


Since it was launched in 2015, the app has processed more than 50,000 noise reports and is used by 100-plus organisations including police forces, councils, housing associations and construction companies.

“We’ve designed the app using an intelligent case management facility enabling our clients to deploy it easily to filter genuine cases and maintain contact with local residents quickly and efficiently through a secure infrastructure,” said Fennessy.

“By using the app around noise-sensitive sites, businesses and stakeholders can be assured that noise is being reported reliably and that genuine cases are picked up.”

There are no road haulage or freight customers as yet, but Fennessy is confident that will soon change.

“The idea around us being at the Spring Summit is to potentially get delivery companies to take on the app as a direct line to their surrounding resident," he said.

"So instead of residents complaining straight to the local authorities and having to engage in large investigations, residents can complain directly to the delivery companies and they can offer simpler solutions and police their own noise nuisances.”

Find out more by coming along to the Freight in the City Spring Summit held on 1 March at Edgbaston Stadium. Make sure to reserve your free place today!

By David Craik