norbert radius

Norbert Dentressangle has won a five year contract with polythene pipe producer Radius Systems.

The firm will manage deliveries from Radius Systems’ Derbyshire-based UK production facility, with more than 20 vehicles with lorry-mounted cranes (pictured) distributing across 30 routes on a daily basis.

Norbert Dentressangle has already made alterations to the delivery schedule to boost the efficiency of load consolidation, and improve vehicle usage via more backhauling.

Graham Thurlow, chief operating officer at Radius Systems, was impressed by Norbert’s approach. He said: “We quickly recognised during pre-contract negotiations, that we would be embarking on a partnership with a team of people who really understood what we needed and knew what they were doing.

“We realise that the nature of our product offering and the complexity of our network makes our distribution operation a significant challenge for any third party provider, and to Norbert Dentressangle’s merit, they are meeting this challenge.”

Dave Finnie, director of specialist services at Norbert Dentressangle Transport and Distribution UK said: "We are delighted that Radius Systems has appointed Norbert Dentressangle to handle their complex supply chain requirements.

“We are committed to optimising delivery operations through our Red Inside dedicated distribution service and look forward to working closely with Radius to develop further transport improvements."