15) David Wells

Title: Chief executive, FTA

Wells succeeded Theo de Pencier as chief executive of the FTA at the beginning of May. It’s unusual that the chief executives of both associations are starting their period in office at similar junctions, which makes it hard not to make comparisons with the RHA’s Richard Burnett.

While Burnett has sought something of a revolution at the RHA, particularly when it comes to its public profile, Wells has sought – and delivered – evolution – at the FTA. It’s hardly surprising that someone who had served six years as finance and IT director at the association doesn’t want to rip things up and start all over again. Yet credit due where credit is due, Wells has manned an association led by de Pencier for eight years and not missed a beat.

He might have the likes of Natalie Chapman, James Hookham and Karen Dee to take the limelight on Sky News and the rest, but Wells has made true on his promise to continue the work FTA does in support of its members.

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