Which companies have won the most Motor Transport Awards? Well, just three companies have got into double figures. Read on to find out…


TNT, in all its forms, has won 32 MT trophies, including a record six victories in the Customer Care category and a record seven in the Training category.

It has won in 12 different categories, starting with Marketing Campaign of the Year in 1986 and culminating in Training in 2011.

For all its success, TNT only won the big one, Haulier of the Year, once in 1988.

It remains unclear whether TNT will continue to compete at the MT Awards, given that its new parent, UPS has never successfully competed at the event.

tnt driver of the year winner mt awards 2010

Fleet Driver of the Year winner 2010

  • Marketing Campaign 86/92/93/02
  • Fleet Engineer 87/09
  • Haulier 88
  • Environmental 90/08/09
  • Training 90/93/95/02/06/08/11
  • Customer Care 91/98/99/00/01/06
  • Safety 96/07
  • Logistics Company 97
  • Best Use of IT 98/03
  • Partnership 98/06
  • International Operator 09
  • Fleet Driver 10



This business is the next best after TNT, collecting 13 awards from seven different categories. Much of its success came in the Parceline days, when it won the Marketing Campaign trophy four times (a record held jointly with TNT). Parceline won eight trophies, while DPD has picked up five since its renaming in 2008.

  • Marketing Campaign 91/98/99/01
  • Customer Care 97/11
  • Training 98/03
  • Best Use of IT 00
  • Best Use of Technology 10
  • Fleet Van Operator 10/12
  • Innovation 10


This is another successful name-changer. As BOC, the business achieved regular success in its key areas: it won the environmental trophy twice and the safety award three times.

As Gist, it added another four trophies including both Safety and Training in 2009.

It’s collected 10 awards in total.

  • Environmental 88/98/03
  • Safety 89/92/99/09
  • Fleet Engineer 93/01
  • Training 09

Other significant serial winners include the only two firms to have won Haulier of the Year twice: Russell Davies (1987 and 1993), and James Irlam (1986 and 2001). Crossroads has twice won Dealer of the Year (1989 and 2008), as has Thomas Hardie (1992 and 1999).

Ian Markham (of the late Comet chain) is the only person to have won Fleet Engineer of the Year twice: in 2004 and 2010.

And of course one of the most consistent winners is Daf (and its precursor Leyland): a Leyland/Daf vehicle has won Fleet Truck 15 times.

Mercedes-Benz has won 11 trophies, seven of which were garnered by the Sprinter for Fleet Van of the Year.

The safety category has been dominated, not unexpectedly, by operators governed by ADR rules. BOC/Gist and Suttons hold the joint record of four victories (01/05/08/11) each.