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The MOD has more than tripled the number of training places for veterans wanting to become HGV drivers from 100 to 350 placements over the next 12 months.

Under its Career Transition Partnership (CTP) which helps transition the military into civilian life, the current provision of 100 training places will increase to nearly 350 over the next 12 months, with a provision to increase this number depending on the level of interest.

Courses are available in Cat C, Cat C&E, Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) and ADR (dangerous goods), under the scheme.

In addition, veterans who already hold an HGV licence, but have not undertaken the training to drive commercially, will be able to use DfE Skills Bootcamps to gain this qualification.

Training will be delivered by the Defence School of Transport with training already in progress for the 100 places made available throughout the year.

Leo Docherty, minister for defence, people and veterans, said: “This fantastic initiative will provide service leavers and veterans with valuable skills and opportunities to help them find employment as they leave the military, while aiding a cross-government effort to increase the number of HGV trained drivers.

He added: “Military service gives you skills for life. This crucial support to those who have served in our nation’s military is our priority and I am delighted with the opportunity this expansion provides.”

Steve Barclay, chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, added: “I’m delighted that veterans and service leavers will be able to benefit from additional HGV driver training courses, which will enable more deliveries.

“This is part of our commitment to work across government to tackle the global pressures that have impacted our supply chains.

“This government is determined to support veterans and service leavers into the workplace, and today’s announcement builds on the range of measures we’ve put in place to equip them with the necessary skills and opportunities.”