The RHA has repeated its plea to the French authorities to do more to protect truck drivers from violent migrant gangs looking to enter the UK illegally.

The call comes after an HGV driver was allegedly threatened with guns and knives at a French service station on Thursday night (20 February).

The driver reported being confronted by a migrant gang while parked off the A26 in Guignicourt, near Reims – 150 miles from Calais.

Police were called and the driver was able to continue his journey but was said to be very shaken.

The report comes amid concerns that the situation in Calais is deteriorating.

Hauliers reported two more attacks on lorries outside the Channel port last Friday morning (21 February). A mob of 100 migrants on the N216 threw rocks at the windows and mirrors of UK-bound trucks that weren’t stopping.

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Around 30-40 migrants are reported to have blocked the road into the port’s secure zone.

Earlier this month, a gang of around 20 migrants used knives, iron bars and bricks as they attacked a truck outside Calais. The driver reported that his windscreen was smashed during the attack.

"We once again say that French authorities must do more to protect truck drivers as migrants up the ante in their attempts to break into UK-bound lorries," an RHA spokesperson said.

RHA MD, Rod McKenzie told BBC Cambridgeshire earlier this month that some truckers have stopped doing cross-Channel work through fear of being attacked.

He advised truckers to stop as far away from the ports as possible to try and keep themselves safe.

French authorities estimate at least 23,000 migrants were caught trying to enter the UK illegally on trucks from Calais or in the Channel Tunnel last year.

The RHA has asked anyone affected by migrant activity across the Channel to call its dedicated reporting line – (+44) 1274 863 111. It will then pass their information on to the Home Office and Border Force teams.