eActros LongHaul (1) (1)

Mercedes Benz Trucks is set to unveil a concept prototype of its 40-tonne battery-electric eActros LongHaul truck at this year’s IAA Transportation in September in Hanover, Germany.

Ahead of its debut at the show the OEM has released its first teaser images of the eActros LongHaul concept prototype and announced further technical specifications planned for the production vehicle.

The truck, which will provide a preview of the design theme of the series-production vehicle, is part of the eActros LongHaul test fleet.

The OEM said the first prototypes are already undergoing intensive testing, with the eActros LongHaul set to be tested on public roads this year. It added that next year, near-production prototypes will go to customers for real-world use testing, with series readiness planned for 2024.

The eActros LongHaul will have a range of around 500 kilometres on a single battery charge and can be rapidly charged via megawatt charging.

The batteries used in the vehicle employ lithium-iron phosphate cell technology (LFP), designed to give long service life and more usable energy. They can be charged from 20% to 80% in under 30 minutes at a charging station with an output of about one megawatt, according to Mercedes Benz Trucks.

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The OEM said the long range on a single charge, in combination with megawatt charging, delivers ranges on a par with conventional trucks, enabling two-shift operations.

Operators planning to buy the truck will also be provided with a range of services including vehicle technology, consulting and charging infrastructure support.

In addition to the eActros LongHaul, Mercedes-Benz Trucks will be showing the eActros for heavy-duty distribution transport, which has been in series production at the Wörth plant since October 2021. The eEconic for municipal use will also be on display. The vehicle begins series production in July.

The line-up is part of Mercedes-Benz Trucks' wider plans to increase its proportion of locally CO2-neutral new vehicles in Europe to more than 50% by 2030.

From 2025 the company aims to add series-production trucks with hydrogen-based fuel cell drives to its range of vehicles with the ultimate goal of putting CO2-neutral transport on the road by 2050.

Karin Rådström, chief executive of Mercedes-Benz Trucks said: “The electrification of heavy long-distance transport is the next milestone on our road to CO2-neutrality. The eActros LongHaul is a battery-electric vehicle which is planned to be economically feasible for our customers. My team and I look forward to presenting this innovative truck to our customers and the public in September.”