VERA Volvo trucks

Volvo Trucks is inviting you to visit ‘Vera’ at this year’s Freight in the City Expo on 6 November in London.

The autonomous, electric and connected vehicle will be making its UK debut at Alexandra Palace.

It features as part of Volvo Trucks’ wider focus on future freight vehicles designed to improve air quality, lower CO2 emissions, boost safety and reduce noise pollution in urban environments.

Vera is designed for regular and repetitive tasks, over short distances, where large volumes of goods need to be delivered with high precision.

It is controlled via a central hub which monitors parameters such as vehicle location, load and battery charge.

“The ambition with project Vera, is to create a transport solution that takes safety, efficiency and sustainability to a new level.

“With Vera we offer an autonomous, electric and connected transport solution with the purpose to drive prosperity and optimise transport flows in selected segments,” said Mikael Karlsson, Vice President Autonomous Solutions, Volvo Trucks.

He added: “Vera means faith and we have faith in the future.”

Also on display will be an FE Electric 26-tonne 6x2 chassis with HIAB Hook lift body.

Powered by a 400kW all-electric driveline, the FE has zero tailpipe emissions and is designed for city refuse collection, construction and other applications in urban conditions.

With a 12,400kg payload capacity, full air suspension and steered tag axle, Volvo said the FE Electric represents an opportunity to improve air quality, reduce traffic noise, and cut congestion during peak hours as commercial operations can instead be carried out quietly early in the morning or late at night.

The FE Electric is part of a range of electrically powered trucks for city operations and another strategic step forward in the development of Volvo’s total offer in electrified transport solutions.

Freight in the City Expo showcases the latest clean and safe vehicle technology and looks to support operators with a comprehensive seminar programme where policy-makers, vehicle experts and leading freight operators will share their insight on urban logistics.

Freight in the City Expo is held at Alexandra Palace, London on Wednesday 6 November 2019. It is free to attend, so register today for your entry pass.