Athletes and local children first on completed track Picture taken 03.10.11 by David Poultney for LOCOG

The Olympic Route Network (ORN) will cease operation at midnight on Tuesday (14 August), meaning London's roads will return to normal before the Paralympic Route Network's activation at the end of this month.

ORN signage will have been removed in full by Wednesday morning, with London’s roads Games restriction free ahead of the start of the Paralympics on 29 August.

The PRN will have 8.7 miles of Games lanes, and is concentrated around East London. Areas and venues  in use for the Paralympic Games comprise the Olympic Park, Excel, North Greenwich Arena and Park, and the Royal Artillery Barracks.

Transport for London is putting the PRN in place from 25 August, although it will not be activated until Wednesday the 29 August, which is the opening day of the Paralympics.

Peter Hendy, London’s transport commissioner, says: "The PRN is much smaller and focused on the east of London.

"Our advice to motorists is to avoid driving around the PRN routes and venues, particularly the Olympic Park in Stratford and on the north and south approach roads to the Blackwall Tunnel."

As with the ORN, penalty fees of £130 for those breaking regulations will be in place for the PRN, with a £200 parking fine in place too.

The PRN and Games lanes will end operation one day after the end of the Paralympics on 10 September.

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