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With the use of employee-facing mobile applications in the transport sector rocketing, new research reveals that so too has the number of complaints from end users about their functionality.

The study, by mobile data capture specialist WorkMobile found 75% of chief information officers (CIO) in the industry have fielded criticism about their firm’s apps.

WorkMobile said the two most commonly reported problems were that apps were not updated frequently enough (38%) and they were not sufficiently tailored to employees’ needs (25%).

Other complaints include poor user experience (21%), being difficult to navigate (18%), failing to function in areas of low or no connectivity (15%) and only being available on company-owned devices (13%).

The report also found that while 48% of the industry’s CIOs are now expected to enable employees to work remotely more easily, a third are also under pressure to adhere to restrictive budget constraints.

Colin Yates, chief support officer at WorkMobile, said: “It’s clear that in their efforts not to exceed tight department budgets, many transport and logistics sector IT teams are struggling to find and implement apps that truly make the end users’ roles and responsibilities easier.”