London Councils is to push ahead with plans to change the conditions of the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) to mandate the fitting of side guards and uprated mirrors to LGVs making deliveries in London

At a meeting last week (12 December), London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee said it would launch a public consultation on the changes, which could require all LGVs to fit cycle safety equipment.

Changes to the LLCS permit conditions will also consider reducing LGV movements during the morning rush hour.

The FTA has described the plans as a “missed opportunity” and said reforming night-time restrictions so quieter vehicles could make more deliveries would be better for cycle safety.

“This would allow as many lorries as possible to operate outside the peak hours when most cyclists are on the roads.  It seems strange whilst London Councils are talking about banning LGVs from operating during the peak hours, they are not talking about enabling LGVs to operate outside of this time,” said Christopher Snelling, the FTA’s head of urban logistics and regional policy.

He said replacing one LGV with a number of vans, or having trucks “bunching up” after 9am would also have safety implications.

“The way to improve safety is to take intelligent, targeted measures that can reduce the number of incidents and their severity,” Snelling added. “For LGVs, this means focusing on low quality operators who fail to follow legal safety requirements, and on ‘tipper’ constructions vehicles which are involved in a significant proportion of the most serious LGV/cyclist incidents.”

Chair of the Transport and Environment Committee, Councillor Catherine West, said there is “no valid reason” for LGVs to not have basic safety equipment.